Wellness at the St. Valentin Aparthotel

Adults seeking quiet will enjoy relaxing moments in our sauna facility.

Quiet is the only source of every great strength

Lean back and relax, let your mind unwind, leave the daily grind behind and replenish your strength.

To this end, we offer:

Finnish sauna:

The warmth of the sauna stimulates the circulation of the blood and the lymphatic system, strengthens the immune system and relaxes the muscles.

Cosy steam bath:

The steam bath produces humidity of up to 100%. Wrapped in such a warm cloud, the body sheds toxins and stress.

Kneipp basin:

Kneipp hydrotherapy stimulates and enhances the organism’s physical and spiritual functions, bringing body and soul into a harmonious balance.

Aromatherapy shower:

A fragrant experience.

Quiet room:

Take a seat in the quiet room and enjoy a regenerating tea while absorbing the sounds of soft music.